Little Black Dress

The Junior League of Columbus is proud to participate in a statewide campaign to raise awareness of the challenges that face 1.8 million people in Georgia that live in poverty. Participants wear 1 black dress/outfit for 5 working days to highlight how limited resources impacts the ability to afford work-­‐appropriate clothing needed for economic growth & to understand how limited resources can affect daily life. The beneficiary of the Junior League of Columbus’s Little Black Dress Initiative was our yearlong diaper drive.  Members collected almost 24,000 diapers to distribute to local agencies who desperately needed them. In May of 2016 Damascus Way, Open Door, Russell County Crisis Center each received 6,000 diapers to assist low-income or impoverished families.

Disposable diapers cost families approx. $100-$120 a month, and WIC and SNAP don’t cover diapers because they’re considered hygiene products. This leaves some families in poverty struggling to provide this necessity for their children. (Huggies Every Little Bottom Study, 2010).